FUEL For Thought

Fuel for Thought is the Hemetic Trading Co.’s social giveback program that commits 5% of gross sales to the support of budding creatives. Through our ongoing grant contests, Hemetic pledges to spend 5% of every purchase made towards supporting those who are pursuing a higher goal, whether through art, music, business, sport, or any other creative endeavor.

In supporting Hemetic, you’re also showing your support for your peers who have the passion and courage needed to bring their ideas to life. By joining us in this mission, our ultimate goal is to create a community of ambitious creatives who’s collective work moves culture and society forward in a positive direction.
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Designed in Vermont
Made in NEW YORK

Quality, style, and authenticity. These three words have been the backbone of our brand since day one. Originally conceived as a reaction to brands being sewn overseas while flaunting a classic American aesthetic, Hemetic has been built upon the concept of creating high quality products that our customers can use with pride, knowing that the brand they’re choosing to represent is inline with their personal ideals. Meeting that standard means developing our own, unique products in our workspace in Burlington, VT, while having them produced at American factories.

Lifetime Warranty

As a brand that values integrity, Hemetic stands by the quality and craftsmanship of all its products. No corners have been cut in an effort to increase profit margins, a fact that we standby in offering a full Lifetime Warranty on all products. While other brands may take advantage of wiggle room in the word “lifetime”, here at Hemetic our official warranty policy is:

"If your Hemetic product experiences any failure during what you consider to be the reasonable lifetime of the product, simply send it back for a return, repair, or exchange depending on the situation. That’s it, no catches."
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Custom Products

In addition to being a direct to consumer brand, Hemetic also offers a wide range of capabilities to the promotional product and incentive industries. Utilizing our unique product silhouettes and hands-on approach to manufacturing, Hemetic is paving the way for customizable carry goods. Whether you’d like to simply apply your brand to one of our products, or if you’d rather create something that’s fully customized, the Hemetic Trading Co. is capable of meeting your needs.  Let us help make your next project something truly unique.
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March 2013
Sparking the Idea

On a sunny day at Stowe, VT, Hemetic’s co-founders Matt McGinnis and Jake Caggige were riding a chairlift when they found themselves lamenting the number of brands selling cheaply made products, while offering “lifetime” warranties and referring to their products as “American”, despite being made overseas. Soon after, the two decided to test their idea for a high quality, modern Made in USA brand via a Kickstarter campaign.

November 2013
Our First Kickstarter Campaign Fails

In the months that followed that initial conversation, the team at Hemetic set about creating what we considered to be the ideal Kickstarter campaign. Marrying quality with technology, Hemetic launched its campaign for “The Twenty Four Backpack”, a backpack featuring a classic heritage aesthetic, paired with a mobile charging system. The concept of course, was that commuters and travelers could charge their mobile devices while on the go. As soon as the campaign launched, orders began rolling in, with over $10,000 pledged in the first four days of the campaign. Unfortunately, that initial boost was short lived as the following 26 days resulted in inadequate sales. Ultimately, that campaign fell short of its $35,000 goal, having raised $18,305. Feeling a mix of disappointed and encouraged, the team took the rest of the year off to reconsider the route forward.

July 2014
Our Second Kickstarter Campaign Succeeds

When you experience failure, something special happens. In addition to the disappointment, there’s also an endless amount of questioning, ultimately resulting in deep reflection. Such was the case at the start of 2014 when the team at Hemetic had to determine whether the $18,305 raised in our initial campaign was a strong enough sign to move forward with the brand. In addition to that question, there was also the consideration of what would have to happen differently so that a second effort would be a success. After much deliberation, it was determined that the strength of the brand was rooted in the complaints that launched the idea. That is, the Hemetic Trading Co. should be a Made in USA lifestyle and carry good brand offering high quality, stylish products for a reasonable price. With that core concept established, the team rolled up its sleeves and got to work producing a small line of products to offer in a second Kickstarter campaign. With a lower goal and a stronger product offering, the second campaign was successful, raising $22,947 and generating enough business to successfully launch the brand.

August 2015
Our First Shop Opens

In the lead up to Hemetic’s first two Kickstarter campaigns, and the year following the second effort, Hemetic had been sharing an office space with local video production company The Main Idea. As both businesses grew, Hemetic found itself in need of significantly more space. As a result, the brand moved to a second-floor location on Burlington, VT’s iconic Church St. This new space put wind in the brand’s sales, being the first iteration of the team’s dream to have a space which featured retail space in the front, and workspace in the back. In this space, Hemetic grew from a Kickstarter brand into a business that offered product customization and an expanded product line. While the move was full of positives, it ultimately became problematic financially.

May 2016
A Glimpse of the New Brand & Financial Turmoil

As any bootstrapping individual will tell you, growing a business without funding can be extremely difficult. Through a confluence of factors, Hemetic found itself enduring financial difficulties throughout the second half of 2016. As a result, the tough decision was made to close up shop, and instead relocate to the finished basement of Matt’s rental. While this process resulted in incredible levels of stress, it also lead to an equal amount of reflection and consideration, with big questions like, “why would people choose to wear the Hemetic brand?” taking center stage. Eventually, the brand weathered the storm and stumbled into two discoveries in the form of a new revenue stream and a renewed sense of purpose. Realizing the commonality of financial and marketing hardship amongst all forms of creative pursuit, be it music, art, business, or sport, the idea for Fuel for Thought was born. While not glamorous, this period proved crucial to the brand's development, and symbolic of how failure can be transformed into motivation.

January 2020
The Future is Now

Now, nearly six years into this business, the Hemetic Trading Co. has become a brand that’s focused on supporting the next generation of creative leaders, while simultaneously creating a community of individuals that is collectively inspired to dream big and pursue their passions. While the future has yet to be written, we’re more excited than ever to welcome you on this journey with us!