Behind the Scenes: At the Trading Post on a Sunny Afternoon in September

A few weeks back, good friend of the brand John Montoya was in town, fresh off some worldly travels. Looking to capture some scenes in my little part of the globe, he asked if he could swing by the shop one afternoon and capture the scene. I obliged. When he showed up, I asked what kind of music he was into these days. He told me "Ka," and again, I obliged. Anyways, so we vibed out for a couple hours, John doing his thing, and me doing mine. The visuals that follow are just some of the results of that afternoon:

If you're really looking to immerse yourself, click this link to get an idea of what that afternoon sounded like.

One afternoon back in September, our good friend John Montoya dropped by the shop with his camera to capture the scenes at the shop. Click through to check out what he captured!

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