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reinforce your High quality brand, with high quality custom products

Every time your logo lands on something, it shapes perception of your brand, so why bother with cheap, forgettable promotional products?

Creating unique custom products with Hemetic is easy: simply pick your product, materials, colors, trims, and branding to create something that stands out from the crowd.
All products are Made in USA and covered by our lifetime warranty. Minimum order of 24 pieces per item.

Steps to creating your project:

1. Select your Style

The first step is easy: simply choose which product(s) best meet your needs. If you're unsure, we're happy to help guide your decision!

2. Select your Branding

How will you apply your brand to your custom product? We have a range of embellishments available, including woven patches, leather patches, embroidery, and more!

3. Select your Material

Are you aiming for a product that features the modern durability and water resistance of Cordura, or do you prefer the classic look of canvas?

4. Select your Colors

For many customers, this step is the most exciting. What color combinations will you choose to make your custom product truly unique?

5. Finalize Order / Delivery

With steps 1-4 decided, we'll finalize order details such as the cost, production timeline, packaging, and any other details that might come up!

6. Kickback & Wait

That's it! Once we've finalized the details, all you have to do is wait for the delivery date!

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