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Hemetic Dashed Line
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The Hemetic Trading Co. was established in 2013 as an American carry good and lifestyle brand after cofounders Matt McGinnis and Jake Caggige became frustrated with the amount of cheaply made bags that were flooding the market with their contradictory American aesthetic and imported origins.

Located in Burlington, VT, the Hemetic Trading Co. aims to create products that not only carry an American heritage aesthetic, but are also manufactured in the United States. Our ultimate goal is to grow a brand that creates products that reflect classic American ideals. Featuring a high level of quality, modesty, and durability, our products are reasonably priced and come with a Lifetime Warranty that let’s you decide when you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

More than just a textile brand, Hemetic Trading Co. is a statement that the American Dream has not fallen victim to laziness and apathy. While there seems to be some suggestion that the next generation of Americans feel self-entitled and lazy, we’re here to prove otherwise. We’re young people filled with endless ambition and motivation, setting our sights at the top. Just like the generations that have come before us, we’re looking to move up in this world based on our hard work, dedication, and ingenuity.

Join us in proving that despite common belief, the next generation of Americans are as authentic, honest, and hard working as those who came before us!